About Membership

Wonderful Machine is a marketing engine for commercial and editorial photographers.

Wonderful Machine leverages the power of over 700 photographers, enabling us to research and connect with more clients than any individual photographer ever could. We don’t take commissions and we don’t require exclusivity. We simply charge a monthly fee for a listing on our site, and upon request, an hourly fee for help with photo editing, design, publicity, marketing, estimating, and production (we offer our consulting services to all photographers, not just members). This structure allows photographers to scale our support up or down according to their needs at any given moment, and it allows us to promote our members who have agents without any conflict of interest. By optimizing the number of photographers, their locations and specialties, and by insisting on a high standard of quality, we’ve been able to create a uniquely valuable resource for clients. Keeping our focus on the needs of those clients allows us to deliver superior results for our photographers.


Membership means much more than just a directory listing...

blog posts
Every day, our publicists write blog posts that profile our photographers and their work. We also have a special blog just for photographers.