About Membership

Wonderful Machine is a marketing engine for commercial photographers.

Wonderful Machine leverages the power of over 700 photographers, enabling us to research and connect with more clients than any individual photographer ever could. We don’t take commissions and we don’t require exclusivity. We simply charge a monthly fee for a listing on our site, and upon request, an hourly fee for help with photo editing, design, publicity, marketing, estimating, and production (we offer our consulting services to all photographers, not just members). This structure allows photographers to scale our support up or down according to their needs at any given moment, and it allows us to promote our members who have agents without any conflict of interest. By optimizing the number of photographers, their locations and specialties, and by insisting on a high standard of quality, we’ve been able to create a uniquely valuable resource for clients. Keeping our focus on the needs of those clients allows us to deliver superior results for our photographers.

Benefits of Membership

Membership means much more than just a directory listing...

photographer search
We have an amazing group of photographers and our search interface makes it easy to find them by location and/or specialty.

phone calls
Every day, our producers and marketing specialists make phone calls to clients of all kinds to tell them about our photographers.

portfolio events
We host portfolio events with clients each month to showcase our photographers' work and to get valuable face time.

spotlight emailers
We send out emailers every week promoting our photographers to thousands of clients around the world.

print mailers
Every month we deliver a quirky print mailer to thousands of lucky clients in the United States.

web ads
The monthly web ads we place on popular industry websites allow us to reach an audience well beyond our mailing list.

blog posts
Every day, our publicists write blog posts that profile our photographers and their work. We also have a separate blog just for our member photographers.

social media
We brag about our talented photographers on all of the major social media platforms.

Our publicists connect with industry blogs and publications to spread the word about our company and our photographers.

expert advice
Our staff members write helpful articles about all aspects of the photography business.

profile updates
We automatically update our members' profiles to keep the site fresh, and so our photographers don't have to worry about it.

rep collaboration
Many of our photographers have reps (which we encourage). We complement rather than compete with those agents.

consulting services
We offer a wide range of expert consulting services, and our members get a 20% discount off of our published prices.

Read about some of our recent successes connecting photographers and clients.

crew search
Members have exclusive access to our global database of thousands of assistants, stylists, location scouts, studios, equipment, retouchers and more.

agent list
Our photographers have access to our extensive list of assignment and stock agents, and our marketing specialists are available to help photographers connect with agents who are appropriate for them.

Our staff has cultivated an extensive list of all kinds of industry resources that we make available exclusively to our member photographers.

Our photographers have access to exclusive vendor discounts offered by our partners.

How To Apply

Applying is as simple as sending Jessica an email with your exact physical address and a link to your website. Quality (of your photographs and your website) and uniqueness (of your specialties and location) are our primary concerns. Not every photographer is going to be appropriate for us at any given moment, but we do carefully consider each applicant, and we do our best to provide meaningful feedback to everyone.

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