Apply: Head of Research

Do you love photography and advertising, and are you a nerd for research? Wonderful Machine may be the place for you!

Wonderful Machine is a production company with a staff of 24 people and one dog in Conshohocken, PA and a network of 700 photographers around the world.

We provide three main services:

  • We promote our member photographers to high-quality clients.
  • We help photographers with their branding and marketing.
  • We produce photo shoots for ad agencies and brands.

Our team includes photo editors, marketing consultants, producers, designers, and publicists.

Our staff members routinely cultivate relationships with all sorts of people in the photography and advertising industries, so researching those people and companies is an important part of our work. We currently have about 40,000 people and 20,000 companies in our database, but there are probably at least that many more people and companies around the world that we don't yet know about. We're looking for someone who loves researching those kinds of people and companies to help us succeed. We're looking for someone with a background in Library Science to lead our research efforts.

There are five main types of people we’re interested in connecting with:

  • Clients (otherwise known as prospects) are important to us because nothing happens without clients and it’s why all the other types of people exist at all (including us). Clients include ad agencies, brands, corporations, catalogs, magazines, graphic design firms, book publishers, record companies, non-profits, etc. (anyone who uses high quality commercial photography (and increasingly video) on a regular basis).
  • Photographers account for the majority of our revenue through their membership and consulting fees. We work to attract the best photographers from around the world. Having great photographers on our site allows us to attract quality clients.
  • Crew is a term that describes all the people and companies who help photographers execute photo shoots. They include stylists, make-up artists, digital techs, location scouts, caterers, and more. Photographers and clients love that we can help them find excellent crew anywhere in the world. We have a public Find Crew page that allows anyone to search any kind of crew anywhere in the world.
  • Many photographers and crew work with agents, who help get them assignments and manage their careers. Many of our photographers have agents, and the exposure we provide augments the promotion that their rep provides. We also frequently help photographers find the right agent, and we sometimes help agents with branding, marketing, estimates or shoot production. We have a public Find Agents page that lists all of the agents we know about.
  • Resources is a term that covers everyone else in our industry – everything from legal and accounting services to website templates and hosting to associations and workshops. Knowing all the important people and companies in our industry allows us to be a valuable resource to clients and photographers. We have a public Find Resources page divided into several different categories. We cultivate strategic partnerships with many of these resources to create publicity opportunities for our company and for our photographers. You can read about some of those on our Press page.

Our Head of Research will be responsible for tracking down people from these categories (especially clients) and gradually adding them to our database. The rest of our staff reaches out those folks to learn more about their needs and to tell them more about our capabilities. Our head of research will get feedback from the staff to guide their continued research.


We work Monday-Friday, approximately 8:15am - 5:45pm. We expect our staff members work an average of 45 hours per week. They use an online punch clock to track their time. They clock out for meals and breaks. We work in a two-story 4400-square-foot building in Conshohocken. We have offices on the upper floor, and a conference room, lunch area and other common areas downstairs. The work atmosphere is pretty relaxed. We usually have the radio on at a low volume. We ask staff members to put their phones away during work hours.

Applicants sometimes ask if they can work work remotely, but since our staff members collaborate frequently and spontaneously, we can’t offer that at this time.

The benefits we offer include 18 paid days off/year (which can be used for any reason, including vacation, illness, or snow days), 7 paid holidays, an additional 310.00/month towards your health & dental insurance premium (after 90 days), and matching IRA contribution after you earn 5000.00 in two consecutive years.

You can read more about our history on Kate Osba's blog:


If after reading all that, you think we might be a good match, please send your resume to [email protected] listing your education and experience, and a brief cover letter (which can be in the body of the email) describing why you’d be a good fit for Wonderful Machine, and what kind of salary you're looking for. I'll acknowledge your email by saying, “Thanks, I’ll take a look.” If you don’t hear from me again, that means that I don’t think that you’re quite right for us at this moment. It’s nice if you address your email to me personally (please call me Bill), rather than to “Dear Hiring Manager.” And you’ll score extra points if you include a link to your LinkedIn profile (which helps me keep tabs on you if I can't hire you this time around). If it looks to me like you might be a good match for us, I’ll ask to meet up over Skype for a quick chat. I’ll have some questions for you, and it’ll be nice if you have some questions for me.

I hope that’s helpful. Please let me know if there’s anything I could add to make this explanation more useful. Thanks!