Apply: Part-Time Researcher, Writer, Copy Editor, Photo Editor

Do you love photography and/or research, writing, copy editing, photo editing? Wonderful Machine may be the place for you!

Wonderful Machine is a production company with a staff of 15 humans and one dog in Narberth, PA and a network of 700 photographers around the world. We are seeking a part-time researcher/editor to help us track down publications, agencies, and brands that need high-quality photographers. We are also looking for a part-time writer and copy editor to work on blog articles and internal documentation, and possibly someone to do photo curation.

We need help writing articles about our member photographers, like these.

We need help copy editing (and sometimes writing) articles by our staff members, including these topics: Crew, Specialties, Expert Advice, Consulting Case Studies, and Pricing & Negotiating.

In general, our company provides three main services:

  • We promote our member photographers to high-quality clients.
  • We help photographers with their branding and marketing.
  • We produce photo shoots for ad agencies and brands.

Our researchers and editors usually concentrate one one type of task at a time, usually for a few months at a time, depending on the needs of the company at that moment. Whenever possible, we give our researchers an opportunity to rotate try out different roles in order to keep things interesting.


We're looking for someone who wants to work in our Narberth office about 80-100 hours/month (about 20-25 hours/week). You can make your own schedule, provided you work during normal business hours.

The pay is 20.00/hour. We are currently not offering any fringe benefits with this position.

You can read more about our history on Kate Osba's blog:


If you think we might be a good match, please send your resume to [email protected] listing your education and experience, and a brief cover letter (which can be in the body of the email) describing why you’d be a good fit for Wonderful Machine. I'll acknowledge your email by saying, “Thanks, I’ll take a look.” If you don’t hear from me again, that means that I don’t think that you’re quite right for us at this moment. It’s nice if you address your email to me personally (please call me Bill), rather than to “Dear Hiring Manager.” And you’ll score extra points if you include a link to your LinkedIn profile (which helps me keep tabs on you if I can't hire you this time around). If it looks to me like you might be a good match for us, I’ll ask to meet up over Skype for a quick chat. I’ll have some questions for you, and it’ll be nice if you have some questions for me.

I hope that’s helpful. Please let me know if there’s anything I could add to make this explanation more useful. Thanks!