Meet the Team

We're all about collaborating to make great things happen. So let's get acquainted!

Feel free to reach out to any of us if you have a question, want to start a project, or just to say hello!

Craig Oppenheimer

Executive Producer
Prior to Wonderful Machine, Craig was as an art buyer at Bank of America and worked in various production and asset management roles for ad agencies in the Philadelphia and Baltimore areas. When he’s not in the office, Craig enjoys riding his bike and making vegetarian sushi. His bucket list includes visiting a different national park every year.

Julia Hanley

Julia grew up in Drexel Hill, PA and graduated from Temple University with a degree in Photojournalism and Communications. She moved back to the area after working as Digital Asset Manager and Production Coordinator in Lake Tahoe, California for six years. When she’s not in the office, Julia is all about family-time and can be found with her daughter Caroline Ruby, cooking for loved ones (most often her husband who says every meal is his favorite) or enjoying a quiet moment during a power yoga class.

Molly Glynn

Photo Editor
Originally from Trumbull, CT, Molly lived in Boston and Richmond before making Philly her home. Along with a B.S. in photography from Drexel University, Molly has worked in print production and retouching for retail photographers and with Improper Bostonian Magazine handling image research and curation. When she's not bulking up her own photography portfolio, she's heading up and down the East Coast visiting her family, wandering through museums, and beating her friends at Quizzo.

Katie Keller

Marketing Specialist
Having grown up in York, PA, Katie’s interest in video production manifested itself early. During her time at Penn State, she worked with the football team and went on to earn bachelor's degrees in Marketing and Film-Video. After school she followed her passion to work for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In her free time you might find Katie exploring the city with Zoey, her Australian Shepard, feeding her Game of Thrones obsession, or hitting the slopes.

Thomas Lawn

Marketing Specialist
Thomas grew up on a boat in Sausalito, California. After a childhood of fishing and Angel Island getaways, he studied photography on dry land at the City College of San Francisco. While living on the West Coast, he worked as a painter, café manager, photographer, and video game community manager. Thomas left the Bay Area startup scene for Portland, Oregon, and recently made the move to Philadelphia. When he’s not playing with his pet cats, he can be found cycling or baking his own San Francisco-style sourdough bread.

Christine Hughes

Graphic Designer
Christine is a proud New Jersey native and attended Mason Gross School of Arts at Rutgers University, where she graduated with a B.F.A. in Design and minored in Art History. Her dream is to design the brand for a future USA Olympic Games. Outside of the work week, Christine enjoys oil painting, crocheting, reading, conquering escape rooms, and cuddling with her dog, Princess.

Cameron Sterling

Photo Editor/Creative Consultant
Cameron grew up in Connecticut and lived in every state beginning with C. After editing publications through high school and college, he served as editor of a mountain lifestyle website in Colorado before leaving to study commercial photography at Brooks. Since then, he has worked as a photo editor and creative consultant for Adobe Stock, Hiro, and The Avedon Foundation, to name a few. Outside of his dream job, Cameron loves playing with his kids and finding zen in busy places.

Jack Chacon

Associate Producer
Jack was born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia, or as he calls it, the 757. After attending Virginia Tech and Old Dominion University, he founded a magazine called Culture Snack and worked in sales management at Pepsi. Jack jumped from Virginia to Nashville and then to Philadelphia, where he began working at Wonderful Machine. For fun, Jack plays basketball, writes screenplays, and continues his quest to find the ultimate chicken biscuit.

Jemma Dilag

Associate Photo Editor
After growing up in the Bronx, Jemma moved just a state south to attend the Tyler School of Arts at Temple University. There, she studied Fine Art with a concentration in Photography, and she continues to arrange her own shoots on occasion. Jemma enjoys other creative pursuits as well, including reading, writing, and painting. She loves her cat Violet and the band Paramore more than most things.

Brey Ann Barrett

Associate Producer
Brey Ann (like brie, not bray) grew up near Disneyland in Orange County, California, and she loves traveling and hosting dinner parties. She studied Theatre Directing with a minor in Film at The University of the Arts and has worked as an Assistant Director at the Arden Theatre, Philadelphia Theatre Company, Lantern Theatre and as Director of New Play Development at Theatre Exile. She was involved with the Broadway production of Dear Evan Hansen and got the chance to meet Jill and Joe Biden at last year's Tony Awards ceremony.

Melonie Cavallaro

Associate Producer
Melonie began her artistic career at Moore College of Art and Design. After falling in love with history and fine art practices, she went on to complete her degree in Fine Arts & Art History at Lorenzo di Medici in Florence, Italy - studying under master art restorer, Lorenzo Casamentii. She is currently a grad student at New York Institute of Art and Design, obtaining her Residential Interior Design Certification as well as creating a fiber/textile home-goods brand.

Nadia Kiyatkina

Associate Producer
Nadia is Russia born but Jersey bred. Claims not to be a spy. She studied at Royal Holloway University and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in England. Nadia is passionate about the arts, language and other cultures. She has recently become a working-dog foster at the Penn Vet center and is very excited about this new journey.

David McDowell

Associate Producer
A self-taught photographer, David was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Prior to joining Wonderful Machine, David was running his own freelance photography business, along with a small creative agency in Philadelphia. When he’s not creating or working with images, he juggles multiple creative ventures, including music production. David is a travel junkie, a die-hard Philly sports nut and has given himself wholly to the lifelong pursuit of finding - and eating -the best gourmet burger on the planet.

Ellie Mair-Pratt

Associate Photo Editor
Originally from Princeton, New Jersey, Ellie left the suburbs to attend the Tyler School of Art at Temple University where she graduated with a BA in visual studies and gained a love for art direction. With a passion for travel, Ellie has been to 14 countries, 39 states and lived in China and Italy where she spent time studying and working as a creative in advertising. When she’s not busy collaborating with clients, you can find Ellie working on her printmaking or making strides towards her life-long dream of building her own tiny house in the mountains.

Sarah Bender

Associate Photo Editor
Raised in the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Sarah stayed local for college earning both a B.A. in English and an M.A. in American Studies from Lehigh University. Today she lives in Chester County where she’s busy raising two boys who specialize in turning her living room furniture into a trampoline park. Together, they gallivant around the countryside in search of new adventures, unique opportunities and simple fun. With a pre-kid career in sports magazine publishing, and an addiction to endorphins, she spends her free time running the back roads around her home at insanely early hours of the morning.

Coco Coleman

Born and raised in Florida, Coco studied creative writing at the University of South Florida. When she’s not getting the Wonderful Machine content out into the world, she stays busy by directing short films, experimenting with film cameras, and making music. While you can find her jamming in a few bands, Coco doesn’t need live instruments to get her music fix. Just give her a microphone and a stereo blasting New Order. She is an avid karaoke enthusiast and it’s very important that we mention that in her bio.

Ashley Vaught

Ashley was born in Evanston, Illinois but spent his formative years in the Ohio River Valley before escaping to study literature and philosophy. He’s written with great clarity about F.W.J. Schelling’s Freiheitsschrift and once taught a course on Spinoza’s Ethics, but he’d really like to write about friendship in “Miller’s Crossing” (1990). His favorite memories include having his name mocked by a delivery man, who quipped, “and I’m Victoria”; his wedding (the best he’d ever been to) and the birth of his son (“the horror, the horror”); and winning the 2008 Tour de France. At Wonderful Machine he works on internal documentation and is a gadfly.

Lindsay Thompson

By way of Reading, PA, Lindsay moved to Philly to get her BFA at Tyler School of Art. She has since had amazing opportunities, working with groups like Songs in the Key of Free and Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. Once upon a time, to supplement her income as a freelancer, she found work in a coffee shop, overcame her shyness, and found that talking to strangers (mug in-hand) is one of her favorite hobbies. In her free-time, Lindsay paints, runs, swims, climbs, is self-admittedly obsessed with her dog, Obi-Wan Cannoli and is usually on the cusp of over-caffeination.

Georgia Smith

Georgia grew up in Paoli, Pennsylvania and attended the University of Vermont where she received a B.S. in psychological sciences and a minor in studio art. Leaving the frigid winters behind, Georgia moved to the slightly less frigid Philadelphia where she began working at a photo lab, specializing in printing, film processing and archiving. Outside of Wonderful Machine, Georgia is the assistant editor to Philadelphia-based fine art photography publication, The Photo Review. When the weekend rolls around, Georgia enjoys riding her bike around the Schuylkill river banks, catching some live music, and frequenting the local art scene.

Adrienne Cramer

Business Manager
Adrienne keeps Wonderful Machine running smoothly by managing all of our billing and payroll. Before starting WM with her husband Bill, Adrienne was director of marketing for a nonprofit, and before that, she worked in scientific publishing. She's the proud mother of 16-year-old twins Sarah and Helen. She makes a perfect tart crust, is an NPR junkie and can sometimes read a good book in a day.

Bill Cramer

Founder & CEO
Prior to dreaming up Wonderful Machine, Bill Cramer spent 20 years working as a photographer - first as a photojournalist for newspapers and wire services, then later doing conceptual portraits for magazines, corporations, and institutions. When he isn't busy working with his staff or interacting with photographers, you can find him walking Tilly, reading biographies or relaxing with his family.


Branch Manager
Tilly is Bill and Adrienne’s lovable Labrador retriever. Her job description includes snoozing on the couch and inspecting trash cans around the office. At 3:30pm sharp, she walks to the 7-Eleven for her daily banana. Otherwise, you'll find her chewing on sticks, or playing fetch (she can carry three at a time).