3D Beer

Dec 10, 2009
Photographer News

Not often that we get to lead with a title like that, but it’s not every day that breweries employ stereoscopic¬†3D photography on their packaging, either.


A. Le Coq recently tapped ad agency Euro RSCG and British photographer Graham Mitchell to create the images for special 4-packs of Estonia’s best selling beer, Premier. Graham said he was chosen to shoot partially for his reputation for problem-solving and an eye for technical details.

And true to form, he had to build a custom digital stereoscopic camera for the job, “because there was no off-the-shelf commercial solution.” “I also knew that I would be shooting action so synchronisation between the two cameras was crucial. Retouching was more or less out of the question and accurate printing was required to maintain the strongest stereo image.”

Here’s a photo of ¬†the images on the packaging (image from Graham’s client’s website). The 4-packs come with their own set of 3D glasses. Ironically, I ended up using my own 3D glasses from Adam Voorhes’ (our Austin photographer) print mailers to view the images at the top of this blog post as they were intended.


The image below is from another recent project of Graham’s for Estonia’s board of tourism:


And the next image was for a local fashion designer. You can check out more of Graham Mitchell’s work on his website.


Graham Mitchell is an England-based photographer with Wonderful Machine.

-Neil Binkley

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