A Life of Adventure

Aug 15, 2013
Photographer News

by Maria Luci

Will McPherson met Emily Sukiennik through social media. As an adventure photographer, Will was immediately inspired by Emily’s posts and pictures, most of which centered around her adventure sport of choice: slacklining. Emily’s passion aligned with Will’s, and he soon found himself reaching out to her about collaborating. Several email exchanges later, they were soon embarking on an exciting motion project focusing on the athletic prowess and adventurous spirit of Emily and her BASE jumping boyfriend, Mark Solper.


Emily and Mark are both passionate about their sports and Will knew that a film about these two would be the perfect piece to break into the motion game. “With the advancements of DSLR video features, it has become key to have the ability to shoot video,” he says, adding, “this project was mainly to refresh my current skills in video and fuel a desire to shoot more video in the future. After meeting Emily and Mark, I wanted to promote both of these amazing athletes as much as possible, and help them in whatever way I could.”


The shoot saw the trio facing early mornings and late nights in various gorgeous locations around Moab, Utah. It was a relaxed shoot atmosphere, akin to three friends hanging in the desert for a few days—but there was one priority at the top of their list: safety. Will says his idea for the project “was to showcase not only the active part of their lives of adventure, but also the hours of preparation it takes to make a safe high line or successful BASE jump.” For Emily’s rigging alone, they spent several hours making sure the line was even and the weight distribution was equal.


All the effort was worth it though, as the three walked away from the weekend with some great footage, stills and memories. Will was especially happy with one image that captured both Emily walking the line and Mark jumping off the cliff in the same shot. “The timing had to be perfect.”


After returning from the desert, Will got to work on editing and is pleased with the final piece, seen here:

The project really opened Will’s eyes to the motion world, and he’s currently in the process of planning more motion pieces. “I have quite a few ideas already,” he says, adding, “that’s the beauty of this job, it never gets dull; there’s always something new to learn.”

View more of Will’s work at willmcpherson.com.

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