Ads of the World

Mar 27, 2011
Web Ads

by Peter Clark

For the month of March, we’re running web ads on, a sister site of Here’s a description of the two from their website:

Mediabistro is the largest online destination for media influencers and buyers in today’s media industry. The Mediabistro website reaches an influential audience of media and business professionals in the US and globally. In addition to being an educated and affluent market of consumers, the Mediabistro audience includes targeted media professionals who set sales, marketing, and editorial trends in print and interactive media on a daily basis.

Ads of the World is an advertising archive and community showcasing the best and most interesting work worldwide. The site is packed full of inspiration for creatives and offers multiple forums where they can discuss advertising-related subjects, seek advice and critique each other’s work.

We ran three different ads throughout the month featuring six different photographers. Check them out here: ad 1, ad 2, ad 3. I picked the brains of a few of the photographers featured to get their take on their image and what went into shooting it.

Joseph Escamilla / Los Angeles

After working on a series of high school science teachers I really wanted to switch things up and throw some historic scientific visionaries into the mix as a personal project. I had just finished reading Nikola Tesla’s biography and he seemed like a perfect choice. The iconic image of him holding a wireless illuminated light bulb  immediately sprang to mind. I rented period specific wardrobe and found the most Victorian-looking fellow I knew, threaded some lamp cord through his coat sleeve, and told him to think about Thomas Edison stealing all his patents.  Others in the series included interpretations of Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Marie Curie.

Thomas Broening / San Francisco

The image was a self-promo series that was featured in the Communication Arts Photo Annual. We rented the old Bethlehem Steel Plant for a weekend and cast fencers and other athletes from the East Coast. Sugar Digital did the post and Doug Benedict was the producer.

Ross Brown / New Zealand

This image was shot as part of a greater campaign for Asics International to promote their running gear. There are five images in total. The initial brief was based around this concept: “Find your own path. Sound body, sound mind.”

Our idea was to explore the calm, meditative, almost dream-like state of runners—representative of the euphoria reached during a “runners high.” In order to represent the dream-like nature of this state, we decided to shoot them in a high key, desaturated colour palette, with plenty of surrounding white space. The “chosen paths” of each runner were then represented in the other simple, graphic, elements. For instance, in this image, it is ice-like staircases, in others we have used a stream of bubbles, a water “splash” path, a metal “knife edge” blade, and organic coral-like forms. They represent each runner’s personal journey, a part of their spirit and experience.

I photographed each runner from a low angle to give them a dynamic, yet floating quality. The bubbles and water flows were shot in the studio “for real,” then manipulated into paths. The ice stairs, metal knife edge, and coral formations were all made by an expert model maker, and also photographed in a studio. Ninety percent of the images were created “in camera,” however, there was a small amount of CGI used for some distant background elements. I work with a fabulous team of model makers, CGI operators and retouchers, and this assignment was an absolute pleasure to work on.