Antoine Doyen: Telva

Oct 31, 2018
Tear Sheets

Paris, France-based photographer Antoine Doyen recently photographed a spread for Telva on Atelier Cologne. Antoine didn't have a lot of time to capture the right images—but he made it work, and they turned out beautifully.

This was a one-day operation with two journalists that came to Paris to do the interviews. I was just shooting like crazy, knowing I had very little time to put things in place: most pictures are made on the go, except for the portraits where I probably had something like 5 minutes.

Photographer Antoine Doyen for Telva shoot on Atelier Cologne

I shot with a DSLR this time, the Nikon Df, to be precise, and only with three lenses: 35f2, 80f1.4 and 50f1.4. Since I didn’t have much time to think, I shot very straightforwardly, as I would for a personal project, no assistant whatsoever, though the journalists probably had to hold the reflector a few times. 

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