Big Texas Heat

Jan 22, 2013
Photographer News

by Maria Luci

After moving to Nashville last February, Robby Klein met with Country Music Television (CMT) to share his portfolio and meet their creative team. The meeting went well—so well in fact, that he was recently brought on to shoot key art for the new CMT realty series, Big Texas Heat. The show follows fun-loving police officers from the small town of Trinity, Texas—a group Robby was excited to photograph.

The shoot was scheduled to take place just north of Houston, so there was a good deal of travel and rental arrangements that needed to be dealt with. Robby soon found that the equipment rentals would be the trickiest part of the entire shoot. No one rental house in Houston carried everything he needed, so he ended up renting gear from two locations in Houston and shipping even more gear in from San Francisco as well. “Each rental house had a different process and it was just one those times were each place had a hiccup that needed to be straightened out,” Robby says, “but in the end, we had exactly what we needed, when we needed it.”

Once all the gear issues were ironed out, Robby and the crew headed to Texas where they met up with the gregarious Trinity police force. The personalities of his subjects more than made up for any rental drama. Robby says the cast was “incredible to work with, ” adding, “they aren’t actors, they’re real police officers, but they were game for anything. It was a long day but they never complained, never needed a break and did anything we asked with a great attitude. And they kept us laughing the entire day—they’re hilarious people!”

For the shoot, CMT brought in “fantastic ideas” which Robby was able to incorporate—and since the day went so smoothly, he also had time to bring in a few ideas of his own. This included having the officers walking and riding Segways down the middle of the street “Reservoir Dogs style.” (The art director loved this shot, but it has yet to be released, so we can’t share it yet.)

The clients were very pleased with the final images, especially the variety of set-ups Robby was able to produce in just one day of shooting. The photos are now being used in advertising and press images promoting the show

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