Can You See the Snow In These Photos?

May 4, 2010
Photographer News

I couldn’t either. Dero Sanford had to shoot a “summer” campaign for the Iowa Department of Economical DevelopmentĀ ad campaign below. Problem was, it was January and he was shooting in the Midwest. So what did he do to overcome the minus-30 degree weather and 2 feet of snow?

He told the client he could do it, to start. And then he relied on the expertise of his producer, who found an indoor botanical garden in Des Moines.

I thought that was clever, especially in these days of stock backgrounds and compositing.

Dero is hard to pin down, style wise, as he does well in an abundance of specialties. I usually steer photographers away from being everything to everyone, but I think it’s working for him in a smaller market for now (he’s in Little Rock. A few more examples of his work:

-Neil Binkley

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