Creative In Place: Adventure/Outdoor

Jun 25, 2020
Creative In Place


To stretch the creative muscles of photographers at home and to show off how Wonderful Machine can coordinate hundreds of photographers on short notice, we've developed Creative In Place.

Every week we pick a theme and challenge our members to create images. This week's theme is Adventure/Outdoor.

Below are some of our favorites. See more on the results of previous assignments here.

Whether you have an assignment for our photographers or would like to just propose a theme for our next Creative In Place assignment, contact our executive producer Craig Oppenheimer at 1 856 952 7621 or [email protected].

Check out the beta version of our new site, which is temporarily devoted to “Creative In Place” photos—images from our photographers showing how they can work safely within COVID-19 conditions.


Matthew Rakola

Matthew Rakola // Washington, DC


Milen Kootnikoff

Milen Kootnikoff // Victoria, Canada


Steve Boxall

Steve Boxall // North Miami, Florida


Luther Caverly

Luther Caverly // Ottawa, Canada


Inti St. Clair Creative In Place

Inti St. Clair // Austin, Texas


Pedro Oliviero

Pedro Oliviero // San Juan Capistrano, California


Alex Buisse

Alex Buisse // Chamonix, France


Frederik van den Berg

Frederik van den Berg // Zürich, Switzerland


Claudio Bader

Claudio Bader // Lugano, Switzerland


Braxton Wilhelmsen

Braxton Wilhelmsen // Syracuse, Utah


Braxton Wilhelmsen

Braxton Wilhelmsen // Syracuse, Utah


Christie Goodwin

Christie Goodwin // Reigate, United Kingdom


Cameron Karsten

Cameron Karsten // Bainbridge Island, Washington


Art Meripol

Art Meripol // Hoover, Alabama


Cameron Karsten

Cameron Karsten // Bainbridge Island, Washington


Pedro Oliviero

Pedro Oliviero // San Juan Capistrano, California


Jeff Peters

Jeff Peters // Santa Clara, California


creative in place: adventure/outdoor by james horan

James Horan // Sydney, Australia


D. Scott Clark

D. Scott Clark // Denver, Colorado


James Horan

James Horan // Abbottsford, Australia


Pedro Oliviero

Pedro Oliviero // San Juan Capistrano, California


Saroyan Humphrey

Saroyan Humprehy // San Francisco, California


Carsten Behler

Carsten Behler // Essen, Germany


Gene Smirnov

Gene Smirnov // Abington, Pennsylvania

creative in place: adventure/outdoor by yuri benitez

Yuri Benitez // San Jeronimo Lidice, Mexico

Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen // Cincinnati, Ohio


Christopher Beauchamp

Christopher Beauchamp // West Haven, Connecticut


Earl Richardson

Earl Richardson // Lawrence, Kansas


Simon Plant

Simon Plant // Somerset, United Kingdom


Peter Tarasiuk

Peter Tarasiuk // Fitzroy, Australia


Gianna Reiko

Gianna Keiko // Atlanta, Georgia


Clay Cook

Clay Cook // Louisville, Kentucky


Joanna Lentini

Joanna Lentini // Greenwood Lake, New York


Anthony Lindsay

Anthony Lindsay // San Franciso, California


Stephen Matera

Stephen Matera // Seattle, Washington


Vanessa Gavalya

Vanessa Gavalya // Dallas, Texas


Enno Kaptiza

Enno Kapitza // Munich, Germany


Abdel Rahman Gabr

Abdel Rahman Gabr // Alexandria, Egypt


Nick Nacca

Nick Nacca // San Diego, California


Cameron Reynolds

Cameron Reynolds // Greenville, South Carolina


Bryan Regan

Bryan Regan // Raleigh, North Carolina


Kirk Irwin

Kirk Irwin // Westerville, Ohio


Sarah Bell-Rossi

Sarah Bell-Rossi // Memphis, Tennessee


Marco Garcia

Marco Garcia // Honolulu, Hawaii


Natalie Chitwood

Natalie Chitwood // Montclair, New Jersey


Andrea D'Agosto

Andrea D'Agosto // Los Angeles, California


Cathlin McCullough

Cathlin McCullough // Austin, Texas