Cristina Candel: Beautiful Views

Apr 1, 2016
Photographer Spotlight

Spanish photographer Cristina Candel gets to go to some gorgeous places for her travel photography. And it’s her job to make those places look at least as beautiful as they actually are. Recently, Viajes El Mundo newspaper, had her heading to the coasts of the Philippines for a travel feature.

Cristina does extensive research about the places she visits before heading out. She goes to the websites, reads books, and absorbs as much information as she can so she can understand the uniqueness and eccentricities of the place she is photographing.

My goal is to show every place as I feel it…to make people want to go there and meet these people, dive into this water, walk into this field.

Cristina describes herself as a traveler-social photographer, so everything about this shoot was right in her wheelhouse. And she says this trip was one of the smoothest she’s ever had. The people were amazing, the weather was beautiful, and the landscape was beautiful. We can certainly tell that last one is true.

The Viajes El Mundo publisher liked Cristina’s photos so much that he decided to make them the cover. The photos have also been published in several magazines across Spain and abroad. Cristina says that every time she sees the photos again, she can feel herself back in those beautiful places she was shooting.

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