Danny Bonaduce Hanging from a Rooftop, and More

Oct 12, 2009
Photographer News
Evan Sklar / New York
Lifestyle / Home & Garden / Still Life / Food & Drink

New York native. Had a stint as a teacher, slaved in a few photo galleries, and did film work early
in his career. Received his M.F.A in photography from Yale. Lives in Brooklyn w/ his wife and two
kids. Blogs about life and his surroundings: like his daughter getting to meet an actual princess.

Shea Roggio / Philadelphia
Photojournalism / Travel / Landscape

Grew up in Colorado. Each Wednesday at school was a half day because everyone went skiing.
Has lived on a Navajo Reservation. Visited the Republic of Moldova five times in the last five years.
Has recently shot Howard Stern regulars Danny Bonaduce and Doug Stanhope.

Ian Londin / Cincinnati
Photojournalism / Portraiture

Graduate of Parsons School of Design. Has studios in Cincinnati and NYC. A lifelong Yankee fan
(with frequent bouts of disappointment regarding this) and an Ohio State fan by marriage. Has a
fear of heights, but wants to face it through a shoot that requires him to parachute from an airplane.

Thomas Pickard / Thailand
Travel / Landscape / Action & Adventure / Animals

Aussie-born photographer living in Southeast Asia. Traveled to over 35 countries over the course
of his career, including shooting for clients in the most remote areas of the Antarctic. He’s even
been a "polar guide", which you can ask him to explain. Also loves to shoot industrial locations.
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