David Arky: The Wall Street Journal

Oct 2, 2018
Tear Sheets

Brooklyn-based Photographer David Arky recently captured a photograph for the Wall Street Journal for an article on "The Overprotected American Child."  The photo features a child decked out in bubble wrap, representing the overprotective nature of some parenting styles.

In editorial photography, there’s a very fine balance between supporting the story and overshadowing it. The same can be said of parenting. So when the Wall Street Journal asked us to illustrate a story on “The Overprotected American Child,” we got it. 

Photographer David Arky for The Wall Street Journal Overprotected Child article


Each element of the shot was carefully chosen to help tell the story: the head-to-toe bubble-wrap that says “fragile.” The bright pops of red (including a fire hydrant only inches away) that shout “stop” and “safety first.” Even the choice of a rope belt, to convey the idea of “reined in.”


Art Director: Manuel Velez

Prop Stylist: Kellie Murphy

Read the rest of the article here.

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