Edoardo Bernabei Helps Bed & Breakfast Fuordarno Improve its Online Imagery

Jan 14, 2020
Photographer Spotlight

Photographers are a self-starting people, wearing this attribute as a badge of honor as they tirelessly scour the internet for clients and try to fill up their calendars. For many in the industry, sitting around and waiting for potential collaborators to hit them up simply isn’t going to cut it. As Edoardo Bernabei can tell you, proactivity and persistence are paramount in photography. The Italian recently connected with the owners of a lovely bed and breakfast called Fuordarno, a home-cum-business nestled in the heart of Florence.

I found Fuordarno while searching for a hotel in Florence. I was looking for a client and found them on one of the booking websites. They have wonderful accommodations at a very reasonable price.

Screen shot tear

The enterprising Edoardo noticed that Fuordarno — a B&B created by sisters Giulia and Carolina in their parents’ home — didn’t have great images of its accommodations on their website or other hospitality sites. So, he reached out to the women and suggested a photographic facelift, which the pair found to be a great idea.


They were really excited to work with me and totally respected my style. The work was very challenging, but I had a lot of fun doing it. They’ve used the images on their own website as well as sites like TripAdvisor.

At Fuordarno, which Edoardo mentioned "has a 9.8 rating on Booking," no two rooms look the same. Each bedroom’s design is inspired by one of the sisters’ favorite places in the world, including Bali, Copenhagen, and Havana.


The five rooms are very different from each other. For me, the Bali room was very special.

At laaaaaaaast

Copenhagen was also exciting. It had a wonderful view of Florence.

Room with a view

In one smooth day, Edoardo got high-quality shots of each part of the house — much to the delight of the owners. Giulia and Carolina helped the photographer figure out the best angles for each room, a big help considering the uniqueness of each space. Though Edoardo’s images make the B&B seem, shall we say, ritzy, it’s actually a very well-priced establishment run by two people who care deeply about their childhood home. Their passion for their business mirrors Edoardo's approach to his work, and the Florence native's go-getter mentality is something people in any profession should strive to emulate. 

Fuordarno is incredible cheap for a city like Florence. I believe you can't find a better place to stay at this price.


We are photographers, and we put our hearts and minds in our work. It's not always possible work in a comfortable situation, but when it happens you only can say one thing: I love my job.

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