Erich Saide Revitalizes Skoah’s Website

Feb 12, 2019
Photographer Spotlight

Vancouver-based lifestyle photographer Erich Saide paired up with Skoah for the revitalization of Skoah’s website. A facial and skincare brand, Skoah has 12 locations in Canada, with locations now in US cities such as Boston, Seattle, and Houston. Erich had recently met Co-Founder and CEO Andrea Scott through a mutual friend. The timing was flawless, as she had just begun looking to hire a photographer for their website refresh, as well as for an update of marketing assets. The pair worked closely with Iamota, a design-led digital agency with a focus on e-commerce. Iamota handled the majority of preproduction, coming up with shot lists, concepts, and implementation strategies for the creation of images for specific areas of the website. The talent was booked through Skoah, so Erich’s team was able to ease their way through the beginning stages of the project.

Erich Saide, Skoah, Iamota

How were you and the client able to collaborate in achieving the collective vision?

“The shoot was a great collaboration between the Skoah team and our own. We set up my studio to create an environment similar to the brand. Everything was shot with available window light and bounce/fill cards while shooting tethered, so the clients could critique lighting and images as the shoot progressed, capturing or exceeding what they required.”

Split into two segments, the goal of the first shoot was to capture the Skoah products being used. Photographs of models receiving soothing facials and massages were taken, in addition to models holding or applying the products on themselves. The second illustrates the delicacy and freshness of ingredients incorporated in the product line.

“On day two, we focused on shooting the ingredients in their raw form and capturing the textures– ingredients like charcoal, mint, certain oils, etc. We worked with the team and came up with the idea of dramatic macro shots of the raw ingredients.”

Erich, Saide, Iamota, Skoah

Did you face any challenges with this project? How did you overcome them?

“The biggest challenge of the shoot was creating the kind of light needed to replicate the aesthetic the client was looking for. Having to make strobe lighting look like soft natural light isn't something easy to pull off. With the help of big light sources such as a 5 foot octabox, mixed with the amazing light from the studio's big windows, we were able to create a great quality of light that gave the feel we were looking for.”

Erich Saide, Skoah, Iamota

In addition to lighting challenges, Erich was eager to successfully create the “Skoah experience.” The team needed to demonstrate, photographically, the elegant experience of relaxation and pampering at Skoah. To the client, this idea means less about what receiving a facial is like, and more about touching upon minimalism, professionalism, compassion, and thoughtfulness.

“To show the experience come to life, it is much better to show more light and the simplicity of the space and to focus on showing the skin and the face, and how the estheticians craft the facials with personalization and compassion. Skoah also wanted us to capture that feeling of professionalism and the unique and simple feel of the treatment rooms.”

Erich Saide, Skoah, Iamota

“My favorite part of the project was the diverse nature of the shoot. It was part portrait, part lifestyle, and part product shoot—so a little bit of everything. It’s fun to get creative, and working with the Skoah team was great fun too. At the end of the day, the agency and client were really happy with the results, and we look forward to a continuing working relationship.”


Agency: Iamota
Graphic Designer: Elise Cheney
Marketing: Jacqueline Chen
Photography 1st Assistant: Vince Ferreira
Photography 2nd Assistant: Craig Bagol

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