From Salt Lake to Lake Como

Oct 23, 2009
Photographer News
Alexa Miller / Salt Lake City
Lifestyle / Youth Culture / Fashion / Travel / Action & Adventure

Adventure seeking, fun-loving photographer who "grew up between sunny southern California and
Virginia." Loves to shoot her friends and travels as well as immersing herself in personal projects
when not shooting for clients. Featured in the blog Camera Luv back in the spring.

John Neitzel / New York
Architecture / Home & Garden / Fine Art

Fell in love with art in high school. Started carrying a camera every day. Luckily, his father worked
for Eastman Kodak in Tokyo (so he was never short of film). Moved to NYC in the 80’s. Opened a
studio in Tribeca. Still goes back to Japan each summer with his family to shoot personal work.

Todd Winters / Chicago
Travel / Landscape / Corporate / Industrial / Institutional / Kids

Always knew he wasn’t going to be a 9-5 guy. Loves getting off planes and being bombarded with
sights and sounds that take you out of your comfort zone. Thinks "unannounced moments often
make for the best photos." Todd keeps busy in his free time by playing tennis and camping.

Antonio Saba / Italy
Travel / Food & Drink / Industrial / Institutional

Has offices in Cagliari, Milan, and Los Angeles. Speaks three languages. Splits his time between shooting commercial lifestyle/travel work and industrial/technology work. Recently published two coffee table books on his travel and industrial photos. Lives with his wife and two children in Italy.
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