Happy Valentines Day from Wonderful Machine

Feb 14, 2017
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Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Singapore-based photographer Likhitha Muralikrishna
Likhitha Muralikrishna (Anyā), Singapore

Our photographers are sweet,

And their photos are true.

fernanda bonserio, Buenos Aires
Fernanda Bonserio, Buenos Aires

They show us excitement, fashion, and sports

Hospitals, kids, and exotic travel resorts.

Trinette + Chris
Trinette + Chris, San Francisco

Your work is compelling and makes us all think

Especially our stomachs when we talk food and drink.

kyoko fierro, ian maclellan
Kyoko Fierro, Vancouver (left)  Ian MacLellan, Boston (right)

Your blogs help us reflect, laugh out, and cry

From all of your stories, journeys, and ties.

Tyllie Barbosa, tyll!e, chicago
Tyllie Barbosa (tyll!e), Chicago

Whether you are canine, married, or single

Our Lifestyle photographers can show any mingle.

Andrew Klein, Dallas Texas photographers
Andrew Klein, Dallas

So if you’re feeling more still and ready for a new portrait

Pick out something silly or something more corporate.

Tobias Björkgren, Sweden

We’ve got reportage and hospitality if you go away,

If you don’t have a date we’ll throw in Matthew McConaughey.

Fernando Decillis, east point georgia
Fernando Decillis, East Point

And for the gentleman, there is no need to fight

Our Celebrity photographers can provide Betty White.

Detroit, brian kelly
Brian Kelly, Detroit

Pick up cupid's arrow, a bouquet, and some tarts

No reason to hide from conceptual queen of hearts 

Klemen Razinger, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Klemen Razinger, Slovenia

We are sending you flowers, facebook likes, and well wishes

In hopes that your Valentines Day ends in kisses.

Alberto Oviedo
Alberto Oviedo, Brooklyn 

But know if it doesn’t, you’re still best in show

Because Wonderful Machine loves you all so!

shaina fishman
Shaina Fishman, Brooklyn

See more from our photographers in our directory.

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