Heather Morton Posts A Few of Our Photographers’ Behind the Scenes’ Videos

Sep 30, 2009
Photographer News

Heather Morton, art buyer, had an open call for photographers’ behind the scenes videos, which she wanted to post on her photography blog. We submitted a few, and she posted the following two:

The first is entitled 90 Seconds to Photograph Mikhail Gorbachev, named for the incredibly tight time frame that Washington DC-based photographer Stephen Voss had to shoot the former Soviet leader. Those of you who know Russian might have a better idea of what’s really being said, before Gorbachev’s interpreter translates into English.

In this one, our photographer Bill Cramer dumps water on tv sportscaster Michael Barkann for a Philadelphia Magazine shoot. Bill is based in Philadelphia, PA.

One of our Birmingham, Alabama photographers, Jason Wallis, was also featured on the blog for this video:

And here are a few others that we sent to Heather.

Shea Roggio’s video of Danny Bonaduce makes me laugh/cringe every time. For his portrait for Philadelphia Magazine, Danny hangs off his rooftop and smokes a cigarette. Shot by Shea Roggio, based in Philadelphia, PA.

Douglas Sonders photographs SWAT teams, C3P0, The Dukes of Hazzard car, etc. Douglas is based in Washington DC.

The last is Tanit Sakakini (also dressed up) doing a superhero-themed shoot. Tanit is based in New York, NY.

Check out our Youtube page for more vids.


-Post by Neil Binkley

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