Holgas for All

Jan 26, 2011
Industry News

We were in a giving spirit over the holiday season, and now that everything has quieted down, we’re prepared to spill the beans about our exclusive Wonderful Machine holiday gift. A wide selection of art buyers on our “nice” list received their very own Holga cameras. But these were no ordinary Holgas. These Holgas were painstakingly customized with Wonderful Machine insignia.

We were pleased with the responses. “The most fun gift I’ve gotten this season” wrote one art buyer. “By far the coolest thing any vendor is going to send me this holiday season,” wrote another. “I¬†ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT,” gushed yet another art buyer, in all caps.

Perhaps the most interesting response was not sent to us directly. Through Google Alerts, a Craigslist ad in Boston came to our attention. It seems someone had lost the camera, and, distraught, placed a notice to try to get it back.