Interviews with Mad Men

Apr 5, 2012
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After receiving an interesting film assignment from The Daily Beast, Jacob Septimus, the project’s director, knew he needed a good cinematographer. Jacob wanted a cinematic quality to film—interviews with several actors—and wanted someone who could bring out a dramatic look. He was then referred to New York still and motion photographer, Atsushi Nishijima (better known as Jima) and after seeing his work, contacted him about the job.

Jima took the assignment, his first for The Daily Beast, and soon began working with Jacob. They were to the film interviews, in artistic and cinematic ways. Who were the subjects of these interviews? None other than the cast of AMC’s successful drama, Mad Men, which focuses on the lives of advertising executives in the 1960s, none more popular than main character, Don Draper.

Unlike many commercial photographer and advertising creatives who’ve never missed as episode, Jima doesn’t watch TV, and therefore, hadn’t watched Mad Men. However, he was still excited for the job and up for the task of adding his own style and tone to the pieces.

Jima, no stranger to famous faces, speaks about what it was like meeting the cast,

It’s always interesting to work with actors because they have character. Some were very friendly, and some were not. But they didn’t necessarily need to be friendly. They are famous, but they are people—it’s like meeting new people.

When asked which was his favorite interview video, Jima replies,

I like the one of Kiernan Shipka (who plays Don’s daughter, Sally Draper). I think the light from the window was so beautiful.

You can view more of Jima’s work, both still and film, on his website, and the rest of the Mad Men cast interviews here.

– Maria Luci

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