Jiří Lízler Teams Up With Neva Žaluzie

May 8, 2019
Photographer Spotlight

When Czechia-based photographer Jiří Lízler created marketing content for Neva Žaluzie, a leading Czech manufacturer of outdoor blinds, the two connected by a happy coincidence. A previous portrait of Jiří’s caught the company’s eye, leading them to consult him about a future project in the making. They needed to capture images that would accurately represent the company, featured through their website as well as in printed brochures.

Run by co-founders Mr. Nesvadbík and Mr. Vrána, who founded the plant in 1990, Neva Žaluzie originally focused on the supply and installation of internal horizontal and vertical blinds. Six years later, the company began producing outdoor sun protection products, including outdoor blinds.

Jiří Lízler, Neva Žaluzie

The shoot was split up into two segments: one for the manufacturing process and the other for the marketing interactions. After a brief discussion, they decided to tailor the manufacturing shoot to a more natural feel in its lighting and overall aesthetic. Because the building had giant windows, Jiří decided to solely use natural light.

To his surprise, the client provided him with a detailed brief of the project underway.

“This client's brief was so detailed that it got me interested right away. The attention to detail was awesome­. I knew what I was going into even before the actual production. We settled on a minimal crew: photographer, assistant, and a client representative.”

Jiří Lízler, Neva Žaluzie

Because the models were employees of the company rather than professional talent, they were not exactly used to having their photos taken. With a little humor and grace, Jiří went the extra mile to ensure their comfort.

“Over the years, I have developed my attitude to help my subjects not to feel embarrassed. Phrases like, "Don't worry, this does not hurt!" or "You’re not at the dentist's!" usually work really well. I also make fun of myself, which helps in my opinion.”

Jiří Lízler, Neva Žaluzie

Jiří stepped outside his comfort zone in executing his vision for the marketing interaction shoot, matching that of a “German corporate style.”

“I went for lots of bokeh, blown out highlights, and partly desaturated colors. For that purpose, I got myself a nifty 50 [mm] lens. I had to laugh when I saw that little lens on a beefed up camera... The setup was also simple: mostly natural light with a single strobe to fill some areas.

The first shot was the reception. The sun had just risen and we could see those lovely light streaks on the chair. I was staring at the computer and felt that amazing feeling when everything just sits perfectly, which is one of the greatest feelings you can have as a creative person. That moment something just clicked within me, and I knew that I had to start taking these assignments more often.”

Jiří Lízler, Neva Žaluzie

What has been the reception of these photographs?

“The reception from the company was amazing. They all love the shots, and I am happy that I delivered above and beyond what they expected.”

Neva Žaluzie, Jiří Lízler

What lessons will you take with you after a project like this one?

“My takeaway from this is that it's great to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. It changed my opinion about these 'corporate' shoots, to a degree that I will start looking for these jobs more often.”

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