Jon Enoch Shoots Soccer Player Jesse Lingard for APG

Sep 15, 2020
Photographer Spotlight

At the end of 2019, London-based photographer Jon Enoch completed a shoot for American Pistachio Growers (APG) featuring Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard. APG had recently signed the soccer player on as their new ambassador, and they were looking to capture media assets with Jesse for print ads and social media marketing.

I had done a shoot with APG some years back, so I knew the company. They are based in California, and I think I must have been on their mind when they were considering another shoot in the UK.

American Pistachio Growers Jesse Lingard Jon Enoch screenshot

Jon rented studio space in Manchester, a former industrial city some 350 kilometers (more than 200 miles) north-northwest of London. The photographer and his first assistant Patrick Spilsbury were the first to arrive in the space, a day before the shoot. The pair focused on setting up all of their equipment for a smooth shoot the following day.

The next day Jon arrived at the studio with the client freshly flown in from California, the producer from Hancock and Handsome, and the rest of the six-person crew. Jesse Lingard arrived at the studio once he had finished training for the day. Then, the crew set to work for a total of four hours.

We had a fairly extensive shot list to work through and a number of styling changes. Things had to be quite well oiled.

Jon Enoch Jesse Lingard APG colorful shot

APG had given Jon clear, precise specifications for the still and motion shots that they wanted. This client’s directions made it easy for the photographer to communicate with Jesse how he needed to pose and what he needed to do during the shoot.

Jesse was great to work with. He has loads of personality that jumps out, but like most sportsmen, he’s amazingly adept at taking direction.

Jon Enoch Jesse Lingard APG signs

Jon’s role during the shoot was two-fold: he was tasked with capturing stills and directing the motion shots. With an already tight timeframe, the photographer had to be able to effectively switch between both of his roles.

Shooting stills and capturing moving image elements on the same shoot is an increasingly important task. I'm always pleasantly surprised how much it's a very similar skill set — with a different language used.

Jon Enoch Jesse Lingard APG thinking

Later, after completing some light post-production work, Jon handed the still and motion assets over to APG. The company has already started using some of the shots that Jon captured on their Instagram page.

The stills and video have been warmly received and it's great to see them being used.


Producer, Hancock and Handsome: James Hancock
Assistant: Patrick Spilsbury
Assistant: Lee Thompson
Assistant: Ben McFarlane
H&M: Sadaf Ahmad
Director of Photography: Edd Andrews
Sound: Rob Owen

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