Julian Love: Handmade London

Jul 14, 2015
Photographer Spotlight

There's something special about purchasing and using handmade goods—knowing that the product you're using was crafted by a skilled worker definitely gives it a little more character. London photographer Julian Love's ongoing personal project, "Handmade London," highlights those special artisans in East London's new maker community with thoughtful portraits of them at work.

Handmade London is a photo project showcasing some of the capital's expanding artisan scene. Increasingly disillusioned with mass-produced goods from far away places, we are starting to care more about how and where the things we buy are made. In response, London is seeing a resurgence in traditional crafts and things made the old fashioned way. From salmon smokers to bicycle frame makers to glass blowers, I have tried to show a small fraction of that skill and creativity in this series.

Julian began the project in 2013 as a way to focus on more "considered" imagery than his lifestyle work. After sharing the early portraits on his blog and elsewhere, Julian realized that the project would make a great promo piece. In 2014, He worked with designer Helen Mair to put together a limited edition book and had it printed and bound by one of the artisans that he photographed. He then sent the book out to photo editors and art buyers around the city. Check that book out below:

The first book was a hit, so Julian continued to shoot, and last week he released a second book—with a twist. This time around, Julian sent out just the cover and the first few pages (and a can of beer from Beavertown Brewery!) to the recipients. Every week or two, Julian will send a new page so that the creatives can build the book themselves. Again, the book has been printed by someone who was photographed for the project. Take a look at the second book below:

Check out more of Julian's "Handmade London" project here, and see more of his work on his website, julianlove.com.

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