Kamil Bialous // JW Marriot Magazine

Apr 19, 2018
Tear Sheets

Vancouver cover by Kamil Bialous

Vancouver spread in Marriot Magazine by Kamil Bialous

Vancouver spread in Marriot Magazine by Kamil Bialous

Vancouver-based photographer Kamil Bialous recently photographed his hometown for a JW Marriott Magazine cover story. 

This was a really fun travel story to shoot because despite having a more typical travel story shot list of restaurants, places of interest, sights, and personalities for portraits, I was also given a lot of freedom to explore and think and look in unrestricted ways, in that I was looking for an atypical cover image.

Kamil built in significant time around the shoot to explore Vancouver with his camera, getting acclimated to the architecture and nature to find interesting locations and abstractions. The assigning editors wanted to make sure the photos included the natural aspects that are prominently integrated into the city.

A large part of the edit ended up being natural scenes abstracted, something I like to personally photograph anyway - the intersections of urban and nature. I'm so glad to have been pushed to look beyond the very obvious in Vancouver. 

Additional Credits:

Creative Director: Camille Hunt
Senior Art Director: John Lanuza
Senior Content Editor: Kat Johnson
Senior Editor: Donna Behen
Photo Editor: Diane Rice

Partner: Rebecca Karamehmedovic

See more of Kamil at kamilbialous.com!

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