Let It Snow

Feb 26, 2010
Photographer News


Here in the Northeast US, most people are ready to slip into their pajamas, hot chocolate in hand, at the slightest mention of the blizzardy conditions that we’re currently experiencing.

However, some of our photographers actually make a living off the stuff! Case in point: Salt Lake City’s Scott Markewitz was just recognized by the Ski Channel as “One of the Most Influential People in Snowbiz.” They base their list on “figures in the snow-sports industry who influence. They are not just the powerbrokers—this isn’t Hollywood. This is sliding down a hill on frozen water… this is a tribute to those who help make it all happen.”


Recent ad campaigns that Markewitz shot for Salomon and Nordica.

So how did Scott make the list? They cite his 350 magazine covers for the likes of Ski, Skiing, Men’s Journal, Outside, plus he’s the the only photographer to make Ski Magazine‘s 100 Most Influential Skiers of All Time. That’s right, he’s a good enough skier that in this case he was being rewarded for more than just his photography.



Of course, winter comes to an end in even the snowiest of climes, so Scott shoots plenty of sports and action/adventure work during the other three seasons.



Scott was also recognized as one of the “World’s Greatest Adventure Photographers” by Men’s Journal, so his work is appreciated outside the “Snowbiz,” as well.


You can see more work on Scott’s website: www.scottmarkewitz.com. Stay warm this weekend!


-Neil Binkley

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