Let’s Start With A Tribute To The Ladies…

Oct 16, 2009
Photographer News
Rainer Elstermann / Germany
Portraiture / Conceptual / Fashion / Kids / Lifestyle / Animals

Grew up in West-Berlin during the Cold War. Got into photography in the early 80’s, after his
uncle got him a darkroom to develop his Super 8 art films. Enjoys painting as a hobby. Says a lot
of his work is influenced by Flemish art from the 15th Century. Sees cooking as a time to relax.

Tim De Frisco / Denver
Action & Adventure / Sports & Fitness / Still Life / Fashion

Never quite liked the Boy Scouts. Only job outside of photography: cleaning swimming pools in
the OC. Once got his camera sucked under a Zamboni while shooting a US Figure Skating pairs
team. (His sync cord was white and camouflaged by the ice). Known for his celebrity imitations.

Michael Nemeth / Detroit
Corporate / Portraiture / Institutional

Photojournalism major, sidetracked with a potential music career. Stuck with photography
(thankfully). Moved to NYC. Paid his dues learning from the best. Ended up in Ohio. Now
brands himself as a Midwest photographer. Has been in American Photography 18,19 and 22.

Max Dolberg / San Diego
Photojournalism / Institutional

Went to kindergarten in Geneva, Switzerland. Learned to speak fluent French in a matter of
months. Can’t speak a lick of it now. In his 20’s, Max played bass in a punk band and toured the
country in a van. Shot his 2nd book on tattooing, which is being released soon. More on that here.
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