Lindsay Lauckner Gundlock: Mexico City

Apr 5, 2016
Photographer Spotlight

What better time to appeal to people’s need for travel than while flying? Air Canada asked Lindsay Lauckner Gundlock to photograph scenes throughout Mexico for their inflight magazine, En Route. For this assignment, they asked Lindsay to get photos that captured the story of the pre-Hispanic culture that continues in Mexico City today, hoping to draw people into the ancient cultures that hold an amazing opportunity to explore and learn.

Lindsay says her goal with this assignment was to show the viewer a side of Mexico that they hadn’t considered before, and that would make them want to see it for themselves. Having lived in Mexico for under a year herself, Lindsay was ready to explore the city and capture the moments that speak to an inquisitive traveler.

The story involved photographing three of my favorite subjects—food, spaces, and portraits.

Lindsay and the writer of the story traveled together, and she says they moved quickly and constantly. As Lindsay was still developing her Spanish skills, communicating with people was always on the forefront of her mind. She had to ask questions, learn information, and direct subjects in Spanish. This was a great way for her to delve even deeper into the city that was now her home.

I was learning the fascinating history of Mexico City and visiting places I may not have known about otherwise. I was given the opportunity to explore the city I was calling home in a way that I hadn’t previously.

As part of the project, Lindsay says she was able to do some touristy things she might not have otherwise done. She ate flying ants, stuffed corn patties, maguey worms, and ant eggs. (She’s definitely one of the more adventurous tourists.)

I really enjoyed the duality of this assignment. One moment I found myself getting street-food from a lady cooking over a fire and in a restaurant with chandeliers hanging from trees the next. Or taking in art at the National Anthropological museum then looking at graffiti in a parking lot.

Lindsay’s images of Mexico City have been inspiring others to travel to this beautiful place, and she’s been excited to share the images in her own way on her blog as well.

To view more of Lindsay’s work, visit!

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