Lisa Tichané Gets To Know Paloma for Parents

Apr 11, 2019
Photographer Spotlight

When the French Edition of Parents Magazine asked Marseille, France-based photographer Lisa Tichané to do some test shots for a potential summer cover, the collaboration was a piece of cake. Lisa had worked with the magazine previously and has been photographing kids and babies almost exclusively.

The photo editor of Parents, Anne Gestin, had a clear vision for the shoot: a baby girl in a swimsuit with a blue background. With this in mind, Lisa proceeded to launch a call for a baby model on social media. She received hundreds of profiles (which is typical when she makes a model call on social media), however, Lisa had found her match, unable to set her sights off of adorable little 9-month-old Paloma.

“As soon as her mom entered my studio with Paloma in her arms, I fell madly in love with this baby. She was the happiest little girl you could imagine. Joy was simply radiating from her!”

Lisa Tichane, Parents

While the project began as an assignment for the magazine, it ended as more of a self-assignment for Lisa, since the images that were published weren’t actually part of the original brief. She shot the initial tests on the seamless blue background requested by the magazine and then tried out an idea of her own, asking Paloma’s mom if she could photograph some additional shots on the bed of her natural light studio for a more lifestyle feel.

“She agreed, and we had the best time with Miss Paloma! I really loved the candid images we got from her.”

Lisa Tichane, Parents

To Lisa’s disappointment, the original images with the blue background weren’t selected by the magazine. She did, however, have the opportunity to photograph Paloma for a total of four times since the initial shoot. A shot from her second shoot was published in Parents a few months later, and at the beginning of 2019, she was asked to create the opening image of their “Baby Food” theme.

Lisa Tichané, Parents

The project came full circle when Anne Gestin asked Lisa if they could use one of the original bed lifestyle images from Paloma’s very first shoot for the upcoming April 2019 cover.

“I couldn't believe she actually remembered that shoot! This is how Paloma finally became Parents cover girl, with an image that wasn't even in the initial brief. As cheesy as it may sound, it was one of those useful reminders that following your heart always pays off at some point.”

Lisa Tichané, Parents

Were there any particular challenges and/or any pleasant surprises that you encountered in planning or execution?

“Well, I can't deny that I was slightly disappointed when the initial images weren't selected for the cover. However, there were so many pleasant surprises from this shoot that made me forget about my disappointment pretty quickly. I had found a new baby muse and I had captured candid lifestyle images that I absolutely loved in the process!”

Lisa Tichané, Parents

What can you say about the reception of these photographs?

“I've just shared the published cover on social media and the reception has been wonderful!”


Client: Parents Magazine
Photo Editor: Anne Gestin

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