#LockdownWithChild: Nils Hendrick Mueller’s Creative Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Mar 18, 2020
Photographer Spotlight

COVID-19 is one of those rare events that, ironically, just about every person on the planet can bond over despite "social distancing." We’ve all spent the last few days figuring out how to stay sharp during this crisis, and creative professionals in particular have had to devise ways to work somewhat related to what they’d be doing under normal circumstances.

Nils Hendrick Mueller LockdownWithChild son exploring the outer reaches of space

Braunschweig, Germany-based Nils Hendrick Mueller is not only continuing his photographic endeavors while in lockdown. He’s doing so with the help of Paul, his young son, creating lifelong memories for both and sharing these heartwarming bonding sessions with the world through a website dedicated solely to these activities:

Nils Hendrick Mueller LockdownWithChild a screenshot of the home page

Paul, like many of us around the world, can't really leave the house because of COVID-19. But with a little imagination — and some scene-setting acumen courtesy of his father — he can venture to the South Pole, traverse a distant galaxy, and go back in time to rescue a dinosaur — all without leaving the comforts of his home!

Nils Hendrick Mueller LockdownWithChild the son finds a penguin

On the first day, we decided to take a short trip to the Antarctic. I warned my son not to take off the safety goggles because of the life-threatening low temperatures. However, he told me that he always gets a warm feeling when he meets penguins.

Paul had another chance to be warmed the next day because he and his father visited a distant galaxy. Most people would want to take a break after braving the vicious chill of the South Pole and prepare for the long journey ahead into space. Not these two, however.

The journey would have taken several thousand light-years. But my son told me he heard a story about a shortcut. So, we just took it.

Nils Hendrick Mueller LockdownWithChild the son in a distant galaxy

The Muellers do not just explore our universe for the sake of having fun. This is an altruistic clan, one dedicated to helping others in their time of need (not a bad trait to have these days). The third mission for Nils and Paul sent them back in time to rescue to a dinosaur in a tight spot. Emma the T-Rex can thank her lucky stars that young Mr. Mueller is an expert rappeler.    

Nils Hendrick Mueller LockdownWithChild the son rescues a dinosaur

Disaster always hits suddenly and cannot be foreseen, and T-Rex Emma needed to be rescued from the danger zone immediately! Since all the ladders were too short, my son chose the option of rappelling.

Nils Hendrick Mueller LockdownWithChild the son gets the dinosaur

COVID-19 has forced us to come up with productive ways to fill the days, but it has also given us the opportunity to spend some quality time with loved ones. Whether you’re beefing up that portfolio so you can hit the ground running when this passes, bonding with family members while everyone awaits a return to routine, or taking a page out of Nils’ book by doing some combination of the two, we all have our ways of dealing with adversity.

Most importantly, friends, we get through this together. Stay safe, sane, and sanitary!  

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