Luxury at The Lodge

Nov 19, 2012
Photographer News

by Maria Luci

Typically more of a sports and fitness photographer, Mike Tittel was excited when the opportunity arose to shoot high-end lifestyle and architecture images for the legendary Stein Eriksen Lodge. The Lodge is a 5-star ski resort in Deer Valley, Utah, a perfect place for Mike to add a bit of luxury to his portfolio. He took on the assignment looking for a challenge—mentally, creatively, and technically—and soon found himself surrounded by decadence, snapping facials, Ferraris and furs.

Once on location, Mike found there were some perks to shooting for a resort, like having to handle little pre-production himself. Stein Ericksen Lodge and their agency, Fusion 360, handled much of the production, including arranging talent. Mike adds, “the Lodge prides themselves on expectational service, and that carried over into taking care of our production needs while on the shoot.”

However, there was still a massive shot list to cover in a limited amount of time, so Mike and his team of twenty people were working intensely through each day. They had a limited amount of time for each shot, and “some were quite complex with 5-6 lights set ups.” Some of these complex shots even included $30,000 worth of furs and a $300,000 Ferrari—all new experiences for Mike, who says,

I always love when I’m hired for work out of the normal realm of what I shoot. Although I shoot a ton of lifestyle-related work, this sort of luxury lifestyle campaign was new to me. Anytime I shoot something new, it pushes me creatively, which I love.

Mike ended the shoot with some beautiful shots and a few new items added to his technical “bag of tricks.” His photos are now being used in Stein Eriksen Lodge’s marketing materials, print advertising, and on their website.

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