Mathew Zucker: Hask Beauty

Aug 9, 2017
Photographer Spotlight

Mathew Zucker, a Brooklyn based photographer, recently teamed up with Hask Beauty to promote their new Greek Yogurt products and continue their Essential Oil shampoo campaign, featuring new fragrances for the much-admired brand.

Hask Beauty greek yogurt products photographed by Mathew Zucker

Hask Beauty's Creative Director, Samantha Georgakopoulos, approached Mathew to help create compelling assets for its e-commerce website, social media accounts, and other promotional marketing tools. During pre-production, Mathew sat down with prop stylist Alma Melendez to discuss all of the logistics leading up to the shoot, including ingredients and scent cues, surfaces and props to be incorporated, and even the delivery schedule for some of the exotic ingredients that were involved.

Hask Beauty orchid products photographed by Mathew Zucker

When the time came to start shooting, Mathew was in awe of how everything came together. Everyone came armed with positive attitudes and valuable skills, especially hand model Likai Lai, who dazzled the team.

I was very impressed with the hand model! It sounds like such simple thing to do “hold a bottle of shampoo,” but to do it exactly the same way for 9 different product shots and remain relaxed, graceful, and stay still as a rock is quite extraordinary.

Hask Beauty greek yogurt shampoo photographed by Mathew Zucker

Often, while creating aesthetically pleasing imagery, you run into challenges. The biggest obstacle Mathew dealt with was the clock mounted to the wall that never stopped ticking away!

Creative huddles around a monitor are a must when shooting product campaigns, and you only have so much time to complete everything.

Hask Beauty gel display photographed by Mathew Zucker

There wasn't much room for error since there were so many logistical components and tiny moving parts that came into play, so it was crucial for Mathew and the rest of the team to pay close attention to detail and get it right the first time around. For example, they had to make sure the placement of the flowers in the photos was correct and decide how many pomegranate seeds and cranberries were needed to capture the right shampoo bottle-to-fruit ratio. With so many elements to take into consideration, it was crucial that the team stayed the course.

Hask Beauty blue chamomile products photographed by Mathew Zucker

Capturing 60+ pictures in three days is no easy task for a large campaign like this, but Mathew thrives the most while under pressure. With the help of a great team and communicative client, he was able to capture all of the required imagery. The reactions to the campaign have been nothing short of positive and rewarding for Mathew. Not only is the Hask Beauty team thrilled with the new images, but the brand's clients are as well. 

Additional Credits

Styling Agency: Halley Resources

Retouching: Need Post

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