Natalie Faye: Nobilo

Sep 17, 2018
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Santa Monica, California-based photographer Natalie Faye recently worked on a project for Nobilo, a New Zealand winemaker that specializes in sauvignon blanc. Natalie first worked with Nobilo on a film shoot in which she shot stills behind the film crew. Nobilo was happy with the strong photographs that Natalie had created, so they decided to expand upon her photographs and hired Natalie for a dedicated still shoot in Los Angeles.

Photographer Natalie Faye for Nobilo wine shoot

One day we shot at at a beach house in Malibu — the same day the Oxnard fires were raging just up the road and homes were being evacuated. The weather gods smiled on us and we were gifted with clear blue skies all day, capped off with a gorgeous sunset.

Photographer Natalie Faye for Nobilo wine shoot

This was a fun job with a lot of moving parts to pull together, which I love the challenge of. We were shooting seaside (wind, weather, light always in flux), we had talent who we wanted to keep casual and loose, and we had plated food and beverage bottles in the shots, both of which require a lot of detailed attention to styling, as well as considering regulations on how alcohol can be represented.

Photographer Natalie Faye for Nobilo wine shoot


Agency: Bensimon Byrne

Art Director: Elaine Poon

Producer: 98 West Productions / Raphye Alexius

Hair & Makeup Stylist: Genevieve Lamb

Wardrobe Stylist: Gillean McLeod

Food StylistEmily Marshall-Garrett

Prop Stylist: Max Duck

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