Not Your Typical Holiday Lights

Dec 22, 2009
Photographer News

Roger Snider defies the typical categorization of “Automotive Photographer,” though he specializes in shooting automobiles for a living. He’s one of a select group of photographers who shoots, for the most part, 18-wheeler trucks. Even his website address bears this out:


National Geographic picked up on Snider’s specialty and featured his image above for their Visions of Earth section. These two trucks are part of a cultural phenomenon in Japan described as “art truck clubs.” They’re basically tricked out 18-wheelers owned by truck drivers who need to make their rigs look like mobile pachinko machines.

Roger regularly shoots for Peterbilt, including their annual convention of Peterbilt owners who have customized their rides. Snider’s specialty mostly takes him on location to shoot things like this:




How did he get into this niche work? “I always wanted to be a trucker as a kid…after shooting the stills on the doc film Big Rig I went to a truck show in Vegas…and knew I would be shooting show trucks on location for a long time to come.

Roger Snider is a Los Angeles-based photographer with Wonderful Machine.

-Neil Binkley

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