NYCFotoworks 2014

Nov 13, 2014
Wonderful Machine News

At the end of October, I had the pleasure of once again reviewing portfolios at NYCFotoworks. Nothing beats a day in New York, meeting with terrific photographers from all over the world!

I arrived in New York with a few minutes to spare and a long day ahead of me, so I grabbed a quick lunch at Patiala. Powered up on Indian food, I headed to Go Studios, where the event was hosted in their beautiful daylight studio. While I waited for my turn to review, I caught up with WM photographers Robb Scharetg and David Clifford. Like me, they are Fotoworks regulars. I chatted with a few of my fellow reviewers; art buyers, photo editors and agents, before taking my seat and beginning a marathon of meetings.

Also, I drank about six cups of coffee. Gotta get pumped up before meetings, am I right?


A nice crowd of creatives at this year’s NYCFotoworks.

I met with more than a dozen photographers from all over the world who shoot just about everything under the sun. Some came looking for feedback on their images, others on their presentation, but for the most part, they all wanted to learn more about how they could work with Wonderful Machine. One gentleman even referenced my expert advice article on speed dating portfolio reviews as an important part of his preparation for the event, which I was happy to hear.


Baltimore photographer Matt Roth, right, and I chat about his portfolio. Photo by David Clifford.


Some of the many photographer leave behinds I received at NYCFotoworks.

After the event, I got to chat with a few other WMers, including Edgar Artiga and Michael Clinard. Then I headed downstairs to grab a beer at O Cabanon with Stephen DeVries and Carl Tremblay. I had worked with both of them on the print portfolios that they were showing at these meetings. I was pleased to hear that the feedback had been phenomenal, and they were both grateful for my help!

When all was said and done, I hopped on a late bus back to Philly, already looking forward to my next trip to NYCFotoworks!

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