Out of Town

Apr 29, 2010
Photographer News

Indeed, our photographers are sometimes out of town (or country) on shoots and other business, and like to let us know in case clients find that useful for their editorial schedule. In case you’re looking for photographers in these locations:


• Our closest “local” photographer is in Thailand, by the way.

• Otherwise, Charles Pertwee will be there the first week of May. He’s normally in Singapore. An image or two:


• First off, feel free to check out our local Honolulu photographers.

• Also, Susan Seubert, normally out of Portland, is in Hawaii through May 26th. She’s unusual in that she lives in Maui part of the year (something for the rest of us to aspire to!). Here’s a shot or two from Sue:


• Don’t forget our French photographers.

• Natalie Stultz, regularly in Burlington, VT, will be there May 27 – June 11. A few of her images:

-Neil Binkley