Ove Sandersen: Heldenpause

May 18, 2017
Photographer Spotlight

Germany-based photographer Ove Sandersen met Danilo Rathenberg, the owner of Heldenpause at a food fair early last year. A manufacturer of premium sodas, Danilo was looking to expand Heldenpause's customer base by targeting hikers, bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Once Danilo became familiar with Ove's imaginative and fanciful conceptual photography, he knew Ove was the perfect person to showcase his brand.

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In the planning phase, Ove sketched up several ideas based on his client's needs. Since the image was going to be a composite that would require many different types of pictures, Ove then set out collecting the stock images he would need to put it all together.

As we still have snow in our area, I had to rely on stock photos a little more than I would have liked, but there's not much you can do in that situation.

In all, the finished composite required 15 separate images, along with scores of adjustment layers to make the lighting as realistic as possible. There were separate images for: 

  • The mountains in the background
  • The sky 
  • The biker 
  • The hiker 
  • A cap for the hiker
  • Four soda bottles 
  • Fog textures 
  • The sun 
  • Particles in the air 
  • Skydivers 
  • Tracking smoke for skydivers 
  • A stunt plane

Most of them were sourced from stock sites, except for the bottles which Ove shot in his studio. 

Ove Sandersen, Wonderful Machine, Photography, Photographer, Conceptual, Heldenpause, Helden Pause, Soda, Soft Drinks, Composite, Germany,

Getting the bottles to look like they were actually laying on the mountains in the background was probably the biggest challenge for this project. I used layers with contrast adjustments and some fog to emphasize the condensation on the bottles. Sometimes it's good to "hide" challenging areas behind some effects...

It took Ove many hours slaving over his computer to finish the image. In the early stages, Ove sometimes worried that it wasn't going to work out as planned and the client would be disappointed.  

But after many hours of work, I started to see the finished product come together and had this magical moment. The point where you start to see a project like that come together is the best part of this job. I often celebrate with a big cappuccino and some silly dance moves in my studio! 

From there, Ove just had to make a few stylistic tweaks and the finishing touches. 

The client was really happy with the finished result and plans to work with Ove on projects like this in the future. The images have been featured on banners, posters, and email marketing. 

Check out this animation of Ove's progress!


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