PDN Photo Annual Party

May 15, 2011
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Last Wednesday, Bill, Jess and I left Conshy and headed to Manhattan – Tribeca to be precise. Tribeca is home to notable residents like Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert DeNiro and his famous Tribeca Film Festival, and of course the PDN Photo Annual Party.

We arrived in time to meet up with a few of our New York photographers. We sat on the pretty outdoor patio of Estancia 460. Soon after settling in Greg Vore, Annabel Clark and Laura Barisonzi arrived. Greg and Laura were two of the first photographers to join Wonderful Machine. It was fun reminiscing with them about the beginnings of Wonderful Machine and how far we’ve come. Annabel told us about some of her upcoming gallery exhibitions and we all chatted about each other’s recent endeavors.

From Left: Laura, Annabel, Greg, Bill, and Maria

After some drinks and good times, we bid adieu to Greg, Annabel and Laura and headed to the party at Tribeca Rooftop. We braved the name tag lines and made our way to the first portion of the evening’s events, the awards ceremony.

During the presentations, Jess and I ran into our DC photographer (and PDN’s 30 winner) Rebecca Drobis. After the ceremony was over and instant cameras given out to about a third of the group, we moved into the second party area where the fun really began.

Everywhere you turned was a familiar face, or more often, a familiar name. I enjoyed putting faces to names I hear almost daily. Jess and I had a great time chatting it up with our photographers Brian Bloom, Jesse Rieser, and Rebecca. I saw some familiar faces from past portfolio events as well, such as a design director from Addison. We had some laughs with Louisa Curtis of Chatterbox Enterprises as well as with former Wonderful Machiner and friend Neil Binkley, who’s now a photo consultant. We also chatted with reps Tricia Scott of Mergeleft, David Laidler of Works Artists, as well as Lori Nix a diorama photographer (and lucky instant camera winner).

Bill was also able connect with a good group of people at the party. He met Julie Grahame who edits the interesting blog, aCurator and talked with APA NY board member Tony Gale and ASMP Executive Director Gene Mopsik about the recent Getty contract controversy.

The party was a blast, with delicious drinks, good company, and an absolutely amazing view of the city. As things started calming down, Bill, Jess and I made our way to the Wonderful Machine after party at 508 Restaurant & Bar. Rebecca Drobis and New York photographer Landon Nordeman joined us for some late night drinks and conversations. We discussed pricing “advertorial” shoots and Rebecca’s BlackFeet Nation personal project before finally saying goodnight and heading back home.

Wonderful Machine

From left: Jess, Rebecca, Maria and Landon

It was a long day, but certainly a memorable one. Thanks for another great party PDN!

– Maria Luci

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