Popular Culture

Apr 3, 2011
Photographer News

At the Wonderful Machine office, Popular Photography is not just a name. In fact, this magazine is enormously popular with us because it so readily reaches out to our photographers for information and imagery. A previous issue featured several Wonderful Machine photographers, and this time the spotlight is on our very own CEO, Bill Cramer.

On top of keeping the Wonderful Machine staff in line, Bill continues to stay busy as a professional photographer. One of his shoots was an excellent example of technical creativity to solve an imagery dilemma:

Time Magazine put Philadelphia pro Bill Cramer on a plane to Ohio, charging him with producing an outdoor location portrait of Christin Anson, a high school soccer player. When he arrived at her Lancaster home, it was clear the shoot would be no piece of cake. Under a dense, raining cloud cover, the ambient light was depressingly dim, with a soggy blue cast. He had just two hours. A straight snapshot produced a flat portrait without color, texture, detail, or presence, and his young athlete blended sadly into the drab distance. Most importantly, the scene lacked the necessary depth. To get his shot, Cramer used his strobes as sunlight substitutes. They helped him reproduce rich detail and color that the drab ambient light had sucked out of the scene.

For all the other technical details, head over to the Popular Photography site.