Print Mailer: Sea More

Mar 25, 2013
Print Mailers

by Amanda Friend

Have you ever seen something so amazing you just had to stop and let it sink in? Perhaps you’ve been awed by the Grand Canyon, or witnessed the magnificence of the Egyptian pyramids—or maybe, like Dana Neibert, you’ve been to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, Tennesee. San Diego-based photographer, Dana, captured this breathtaking “underwater” shot, which we chose for our March print mailer. The photo awed us so much that we knew it would make for a save-worthy promo. Sent out to 2985 creatives across North America, we hope the piece inspires each creative to take the time to peruse all the beautiful work Wonderful Machine has to offer.

Dana was not only kind enough to share his photo with us, he also gave us a bit of background info on the shot. With no room for lighting equipment, he still found a way to work with the environment to get the look he desired:

I shot this image for the Gatlinburg tourism board. I used all natural lighting because there was really nowhere to hide any artificial lights. But being in an aquarium, there isn’t much natural light to begin with. So a long exposure with very still talent worked out great to capture the mood of the aquarium.

Dana’s patience paid off though, because this shot truly makes us want to “sea more.”



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