Shoot Production: An International Shoot

Jul 22, 2010
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New York-based photographer Matthew Furman recently enlisted me to help him bid on an American Airlines ad campaign. I negotiated with AA’s ad agency on creative fees, licensing, and production expenses, helping Matt win the bid for the international endeavor which was staged in New York, Madrid and Rome.

Once the project was awarded, I handled extensive pre-production, and acted as on-set producer for each leg of the shoot. In New York, the crew worked both on Long Island and in Harlem, requiring permits to shoot on the street, and a production vehicle to accommodate wardrobe, stylists and talent.

I led the production team to Madrid and then on to Rome, arranging for a model to be flown in from the UK, hiring translators and coordinating hotels, rental cars, and assistants. Along the way, I became an expert on currency conversion, and tracked receipts down to the last latte, allowing Matt to focus his energies on preparing the final images for his client.

Matt Furman photo shoot Matt Furman photography team and Jess

Matt Furman shooting in the streets of Madrid; From left, assistant Matt Roady, Matthew Furman and WM producer Jess Dudley.

American Airlines promotion ad featuring a thoughtful woman American Airlines promotion ad featuring a man sitting

Two of the final ads for American Airlines, which focus on the African-American travel market.

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