Shoot Production: Ad Campaign for Inova Sports Medicine

May 16, 2016
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Morgan Kazanjian

Last fall, I had the pleasure of working with the creative team at SmithGifford and WM photographer Edgar Artiga to produce a campaign shoot for Inova Sports Medicine right outside of Washington, DC. They were looking to create images to accompany their tagline, “Personalized medicine for the athlete in you,” by capturing everyday people in a physical setting, with the addition of a silhouette of their "inner athlete" (a professional baseball player, a marathon runner, and a professional football player).

Every shoot has its own hurdles, and of course this one was no exception. One of the biggest struggles was finding a good location to capture a variety of different environments (a football field, gym and yard/park area). Ultimately, Inova was able to find and secure TC Williams High School, which ended up being an absolute perfect fit. The giant school, home to over 3,000 students, had state-of-the-art workout equipment and facilities and a gorgeous football field, which seemed appropriate, being that the movie Remember the Titans was based on the TC Wiliams High School football team.

Thanks to the incredibly accommodating and kind staff at TC Williams, Edgar was able to scout a few days beforehand and nail down exactly where we would be shooting on the huge campus. Having found the best locations, we then knew we’d have to hustle between shots to get all the equipment from one end of the school to the other, but the A-list team of assistants made it happen.

The massive TC Williams campus.

We also had to plan our props to stay in line with Inova’s vision of the scenes—things like crutches, an air cast and tennis balls were easy to obtain, but the treadmill would require a little more research. We looked into renting one, but TC Williams came to the rescue with their own that they allowed us to use.

Some of Edgar's scouting photos.

Inova was supplying some of their employees as the talent, but the first shot, showing a man throwing a tennis ball to a dog, required some additional talent. Thankfully, Edgar’s dog Coco had some time available in her schedule and was very accommodating (and adorable).

Edgar demonstrates the proper throwing technique for Coco, and captures our talent breaking a sweat.

Thanks to the gracious staff at TC Williams, the superpower creative team at SmithGifford, the excellent team of stylists and assistants, and of course Edgar, we were able to capture Inova’s message with Edgar’s style, and ultimately Inova ended up with three awesome ads. Check them out here:

inova sports medicine, ad campaign, man throwing ball, playing fetch with dog

woman running, ad campaign, woman on treadmill, inova sports medicine


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