Rocco Ceselin Photographs Clos Du Val

Apr 5, 2019
Photographer Spotlight

Los Angeles-based photographer Rocco Ceselin traveled to Napa, California for a two-day shoot with esteemed winery Clos Du Val. They had just inaugurated their new tasting room: The Hirondelle House, built by Michael Guthrie & Co. Architects and designed by Erin Martin Design. It was the last week of harvest, and an ideal time to showcase the heart of the winery’s production alongside its vibrant community.

Rocco Ceselin, Clos Du Val

After working together on a previous shoot in Sonoma, marketing director Shannon Muracchioli contacted Rocco to photograph the iconic family-owned winery for an update of its marketing content. Hoping to feature the new design’s look and atmosphere, including the new tasting room, Rocco was to deliver a mixture of lifestyle and architectural photographs.

“Visitors of Napa Valley, and especially a winery such Clos Du Val, are looking for a great wine experience, quality of wines, customer service, and beauty of the location. I needed to capture the essence of the region and be sure that the demographics of the wine customers visiting the winery were drawn to the images. The evocative and romantic look was important for the client.”

Rocco Ceselin, Clos Du Val

Rocco spent a total of two days scouting the location, searching for the best angles and lighting to portray the scene in an organic fashion. Together, Shannon and Rocco created a mood board and shooting list for the two days that they’d be on the premises. With the use of a DJI drone, Rocco was also able to capture aerial shots of the stunning region. 

Rocco Ceselin, Clos Du Val

Perhaps the most essential aspect of the entire project was to capture the building’s renovations amidst the fleeting golden hour. The new tasting room needed to be photographed during sunset, specifically when the sun was already set, in order to feature the illumination of the interiors.

Rocco Ceselin, Clos Du Val

What was your vision for this project? How does this reflect your photographic style?

“I’m a lifestyle photographer and I love colors. This winery is a dream for me since it has all the elements I love to shoot: location, colors, people and light. Giving the sense of place and a romantic experience is something that belongs not only to my style of shooting but also to what I look for myself when I need a vacation. It felt very close to my personal style of living.”

Rocco Ceselin, Clos Du Val

Were there any particular challenges you encountered in planning or execution?

“The main challenge was the weather. Napa Valley in September is very sunny and has no clouds in the sky. We were very lucky to start shooting in the morning with some fog covering the winery and slowly disappearing in the mid-morning.”

Rocco Ceselin, Clos Du Val

What was your favorite part of this project?

“When the sun set and disappeared behind the hills, the whole winery tasting room was really shining and the colors became so vivid and vibrant. I didn’t expect such a beautiful scene.”

Rocco Ceselin, Clos Du Val


Client: Clos Du Val
Marketing Director: Shannon Muracchioli
Photo Assistant: Mat Dunstan
Architect: Michael Guthrie & Co. Architects
Interior Designer: Erin Martin Design

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