Shooting the World

Oct 24, 2012
Photographer Spotlight

by Maria Luci

Last year, travel photographer Tony Burns produced a high-end print portfolio to share with his clients. Initially, he loved it, but was bothered by how quickly it became out of date. Even just one assignment later, Tony felt he had shots he wanted to swap in but the cost of producing another book so soon was just too high. So his thoughts turned to the more easily modifiable. It was then that he decided on creating his own iPhone and iPad app that would not only allow him to show his most recent work on the fly, but could open up his audience to all that frequent Apple’s App Store.

Tony was surprised to find after his initial research that there are relatively few photographers with portfolio apps, and knew he had to jump on the opportunity right away. So he began looking for developers to work with, eventually landing on the one group he felt were providing high-end, fully customized branded Apps: The Operators. Along with their team, Tony was about to help design an App that he felt displayed his images the way he wanted and eventually Shooting the World by Tony Burns was born.

The app highlights Tony’s photos from around the world, making it attractive to both photo editors and travel lovers alike. Viewers can browse the entire portfolio or filter by locations and categories, and have the ability to add favorite shots to a lightbox or email them. Tony is excited with how the App turned out, and for his future plans for Shooting the World,

Primarily, I wanted to offer picture editors the chance to view my portfolio effectively from a mobile device. By downloading the App, they’re viewing it as I would want them to, and there’s the added advantage that once downloaded, it stays on their device until they choose to remove it, so from that point of view it’s a sort of leave behind as well.  Aside from picture editors though, I wanted to use it to get my work out there and in front of more people. It’s a good way to build followers on social media channels, and there’s potential for people to share it to others in their network. These are all advantages you just don’t get with a traditional book, or even a website.

Tony has been surprised with the number of downloads his App has already received—over 3000 so far—and the developer says it’s their most downloaded App. He plans updates after each of his trips, and hopes to someday soon add videos as well. He also adds, “it’s got me thinking about potential revenue streams from follow-up Apps, so that’s something I might look into.” But for now, he’s happy simply shooting and sharing the world.

View more at or download the App.

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