Tarick Foteh’s Photographs Celebrate the Legacy of Gabbanelli Accordions

Feb 18, 2019
Photographer Spotlight

Gabbanelli Accordions got in touch with long-term, trusted photographer Tarick Foteh for a project celebrating the legacy of the high-end accordion manufacturer. Gabbanelli Accordions' products consist of ultra-premium, Italian-made accordions, and instruments targeting Hispanic Norteño and Tejano musicians. Their brand is considered the best of the best among these musicians, in the same way that Gibson guitars are prized by their users.

Tippit & Moo Advertising teamed up with Gabbanelli Accordions to create the Greatest Hits Campaign—a series of print ads featuring scenes from the most popular songs of the Mexican Regional Music, which have been written and performed for decades with Gabbanelli Accordions. The images were created using lyrics from each song as a guide for their respective visual execution. The team developed an engaging dynamic for social media, encouraging followers to guess the songs. During launch day, followers would write their guesses in the comments section. The response was astronomical. The brand reached almost 300,000 people, gained 7,128 likes, and had an average engagement rate of 13.60%. Talk about a fruitful social media campaign!

Gabbanelli Accordians, Tarick Foteh, Tippit & Moo Advertising

You say that Gabbanelli Accordions is one of your favorite clients. How did that relationship come about and how has it evolved? 

"I’ve been shooting for them for the past 2-3 years. I was initially contacted by their ad agency at the time, Tippit & Moo advertising, who were responsible for creating their web presence, print advertising, and a big portion of their social media campaigns. The reason I love working for them so much is that no two photo shoots have ever been the same. Sure, I was responsible for shooting the highly-polished standalone images of their products along with dramatically lit detail shots, but the other shoots we’ve done gave me the opportunity to crank up the conceptual creativity way past the simple product photography formula. In addition to crafting the lighting and composition, I became responsible for making sure my images tell stories."

Gabbanelli Accordians, Tarick Foteh, Tippit & Moo Advertising

Almost all of the shots were done on location, with Tarick's complete lighting kit set up. The portraits were done at two separate bars/clubs, while most of the tabletop shots were photographed in the agency's conference room. Thankfully, this room was HUGE, and easily adapted for the shoot.

"I recall once emptying a bag of potting soil on the floor for the 'Cruz de Maderab' shot - that was awesome!"

Tippit & Moo advertising, Tarick Foteh, Gabbanelli Accordions  

What stylistic choices did you make for this project? How does this represent your photographic style? 

"I am a lighting SNOB. You can see that in most of my portrait/automotive/product photography on my website. I also love a challenge. Sure, simply pressing a shutter button on a camera and getting a decent image is nice, but spending tons of time setting up lighting, choosing modifiers, controlling reflections, pressing the shutter button and getting a beautifully lit image in camera with little need for retouching is way more satisfying to me. If I spend less than that an hour per image on setup, something doesn’t feel right."

Gabbanelli Accordions, Tarick Foteh, Tippit & Moo advertising

What has been the reception of these images?

"The reception has been awesome. The agency and client have always had nothing but great things to say about the images. The agency also entered many of the final campaigns in several regional, national and district American Advertising Federation competitions (The ADDY Awards) and I’m proud to say the list of awards is too long to mention."


Gabbanelli Accordions
Agency: Tippit & Moo Advertising
Gabanelli Accordions Vice President: Elia Gabbanelli
Creative Directors: MiMi Boneta, Alex Garcia, Gabriel Flores

See more of Tarick Foteh at www.tfoteh.com!

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