Tea Party Photo Essay: Just in Time for Primary Voting

May 18, 2010
Photographer News

Of interest to the voting classes: today is primary voting day here in The States. And Dennis Yermoshin, out of Houston, has begun a photographic essay on the Republican/Libertarian phenomenon of the “Tea Parties” that have taken place across the country in the last few months, which arguably have affected the tenor of the Primaries:

Dennis shot the images above and below in April at a Houston Tea Party rally, and said this about his approach:

My initial desire to photograph [the rally] surfaced from mere curiosity – the intention here, was to merely witness, experience and record their patriotism and their devotion to political activism.

Yermoshin, who took refuge in the US from Azerbaijan in 1991, is no stranger to documenting American subcultures. He’s also been photographing Russians living in the country in his ongoing project, “My Fellow Americans.” Below are a few images from the series:

Dennis was one of the first from his family to come to America, and was relocated here by the US embassy in Moscow, this at a time of a crumbling Soviet Union and ethnic strife and war in Azerbaijan.

Eleven years after coming to the US, Dennis started photography school. For his first projects, he shot his family and friends, most of whom were also refugees from former Soviet Union countries. At first, he photographed this community in Rhode Island, but he continued after moving to Houston and still considers this an ongoing project.

When I first saw these, I honestly wondered if they were taken in Azerbaijan. The cultures that he’s documenting contain a look and feel that seems more reminiscent of “the Old World” to me. Looking forward to more from this series.

-Neil Binkley

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