The Fruitcake Has Landed

Dec 23, 2009
Photographer News

We have to hand it to food photographer Teri Campbell on his unorthodox holiday campaigns surrounding fruitcakes. In years past, he’s challenged his clients to do something clever with the fruitcakes that he’s mailed them, and send him the resulting pictures. One such example (photographed by his client):


In the first year, Teri says he was “a bit concerned when the  first three entries …all showed a fruitcake in the toilet.” Things progressed, however, and last year he held a contest offering the winner $1,000.00 to come up with the best use for this holiday dessert.

My particular favorites are videos from someone who jammed his fruitcake into a model rocket and shot it into the stratosphere, and a film of a dog eating one in its entirety:


This year Teri’s created a book of past favorites as an alternative to shipping the cakes, and he’s using the prize money instead to donate to a charity, Feed America. While I regret the delay in continued fruitcake debauchery, the charitable route is to be applauded. However, Campbell indicates that he’s willing to bring back the cake in the future.

Teri’s day job is photographing more delectable subjects (no offense to fruitcake lovers) for packaging and menus:



Teri shoots out of his palatial Cincinnati studio, which houses almost 10,000 square feet of kitchen, shooting space, rec. rooms with treadmills and pool tables, and this impressive prop room filled with probably thousands of plates of every color and style imaginable:


I plan to share more holiday cards after Christmas, since we’re still receiving them.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

-Neil Binkley

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