There is Plenty of Talent Outside of NYC/LA

Oct 14, 2009
Photographer News
Daniel Root / Portland
Portraiture / Photojournalism / Lifestyle / Sports & Fitness

Began his schooling at Oregon State’s Forestry program. Quickly transferred to journalism.
Hardly ever in a studio, Daniel prefers working on location. Has traveled to pretty much every
continent in his 20-year career. Enjoys fly-fishing on Oregon’s scenic rivers in his free time.

Dero Sanford / Little Rock
Home & Garden / Architecture / Travel / Music / Industrial

4th generation of the name “Dero.” After his father passed away, he was adopted into a family that
now consists of 15 children. Lived in Kenya for 6 months working for a non-profit (got to eat goat).
Trying to climb all the big mountains in Colorado. He’s already conquered Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Don Cudney / Denver
Fashion / Corporate / Music

Former career: professional skateboarder. Originally from CO, moved to Florida with his family.
Spent 25 years of his life sleeping, fishing, surfing and skating across the southeast United States.
Two college degrees and thousands of miles later, Don now runs his studio based out of Denver.
man on a horse with car in background by denver photographer don cudney portrait of a business man by denver photographer don cudney
portrait of a tattooed man by denver photographer don cudney portrait of a little girl by denver photographer don cudneyView More Don Cudney

Tom Hoops / Thailand
Portraiture / Fashion / Beauty / Photojournalism

Originally from the south coast of England. Began his career as a creative director and designer in both the UK and Asia. First use of camera: photographed interesting faces, which he used in his paintings. Now in his 30’s, Tom doesn’t mind traveling across the world for his photo assignments.
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