Trent Bell Shoots Fairfield Marriott’s Updated Exterior

Sep 7, 2020
Photographer Spotlight

We love stories that feature our photographers combining another skill or knowledge base with their photographic abilities. Some folks are accomplished cooks, others are great with video work, and still others — like Trent Bell — have an educational background that adds to their credibility on a given shoot. In this instance, Trent worked with Fairfield Marriott on a recent shoot and his architectural knowledge was on full display.

I have a master’s degree in architecture that has been invaluable to my career. I believe it helps me see, process, and distill the essence of a built environment and communicate it visually through photography and videography. Having that background allows me to not only relate to architectural clients on a critical thinking level but it also allows me to speak their language, which is always key. 

Fairfield Marriott screenshot Trent Bell

This client had numerous reasons for being drawn to Trent’s work, and the well-rounded nature of the photographer’s skillset was just as appealing. In just two days — one for scouting, one for shooting — Trent and his team gave Fairfield Marriott imagery across the natural light spectrum.

We were contacted by an advertising firm to photograph the exterior of the newly updated Fairfield Marriott located right outside Memphis. They appreciated the look and feel of the entirety our portfolio. They also noted the consistency of the “voice” of our work as well as the quality of our postproduction.

Trent Bell Fairfield Marriott morning

The objective was to capture the Fairfield façade and to showcase the elegance of the updated exterior by way of wide shots and slightly closer for the entrance details.

Trent Bell Fairfield Marriott late morning

The shoot was scheduled for two days, one was a scout day and the other a shoot day.  The plan was to photograph the building in morning light, afternoon light, and evening light to have a wide variety of options to choose from.  We planned to shoot from a few angles during both daytime and dusk to achieve a natural sense of space, beauty, and functionality.

One of the things that made this assignment go smoothly was that Trent had his post-production team onsite. Though there were a lot of hoops to jump through because of the hotel’s recent renovations, most of the images were taken care of quickly.  

We photographed the building right after the landscaping went in so there was a lot of editing to fill out the trees, the grass and the bushes.

Trent Bell Fairfield Marriott evening

The real focal point of the exterior was the porte-cochere and we spent considerable time bringing in the lighting and blending the strobe light to accentuate certain areas.  We had a few rounds of revisions but a majority of the work was done in the first pass.


Post-Production: Timothy Holt
Assistant: Corey Desrochers
Creative Director: Christian Liu
Sr. Producer: Christin James

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