Trying Something New In The Kitchen

May 13, 2013
Photographer News

by Wesley Kays-Henry

Recently, Brainbox GmbH was tasked by AMC Culinary Cookware to create a campaign marketing their new cookware to young adults. AMC wanted to change up their current look, preferring a clean, natural, “real life” feel. The plan was to show two young couples having fun while cooking with AMC products. To do so, they reached out to one of Wonderful Machine’s Germany-based photographers, Daniel Ziegert, who at first thought himself an odd choice. Daniel doesn’t typically shoot still life or food—but it turns out that Brainbox was right in their instinct. The shoot was a perfect fit, and Daniel ended up creating some beautifully clean photos that AMC loved. To learn more, I got in touch with Daniel to see how it all went down.


Mario Hoffman at Brainbox was hoping to give AMC—a high-end Swiss cookware brand—a fresh direction. They approached Daniel for a bid, which as stated, was a bit unexpected. However, he decided to go along with it, saying, “If a client asks you to come in for an assignment believing you are perfect for the job, you shouldn’t doubt their judgment! Take the chance.” He won the bid and was soon trying something new in the kitchen.


For the shoot, Daniel found himself in a cramped basement kitchen, with 4 models, 3 agency staffers, the clients, stylists, assistants, lights, computers, props and catering. Luckily, the abundance of prop wine got everyone loosened up; “The supply, which we had bought only based on the looks of the bottles, was well in demand.”


Interestingly, both Daniel and the food stylist are vegetarians, which created a unique problem when buying meat for the shoot.  “When we learned we needed to provide meat and prep it for the shoot, we were kind of grossed out.  The lady at the butcher was startled when we asked for the ‘prettiest meat.’”


After the shoot, the client was very happy with the images as well as the range of content. Daniel was curious how it would pan out with the client since the series was “miles away from their usual look.” But AMC is already talking about incorporating the style into future campaigns, which thrilled Daniel. “I’m glad to have given them material that made them think about going beyond what they’d done in the past.” So in review, never doubt the client’s eagerness to work with you, regardless of stylistic differences. You might be the Golden Ticket they were waiting for, and it just may be a perfect opportunity to try something new.


The final selects are available on Daniel’s site,, go ahead and check them out!

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